Monday, June 13, 2005

Another New CPG Song.

It's called Roadside Cafe. This is, I think, the apex of CPG so far. Keep in mind that this is still a scratch track, i.e. it has not been EQ'd and processed for mass consumption and does not sound as polished as a mixed track that you would hear on the radio. It is like a piece of unfinished furniture. The structure is there but it hasn't been lacquered and polished yet. But it still sounds quite good and I am a bit pleased with the way the backing vox sound even though I am not quite comfortable singing falsetto. I guess it's something I have to work on and gain more confidence. I think we're ditching the MIDI bits during the 2nd verse. Pay especially close attention to the guitar work from the middle break to the end of the song. Chris Carey has arrived as a guitar player! I can now put him in the same elite guitarist class that Cliff Ecternach from Rare Form and Joe Luna from Juni Moon occupy. More-over, as the two year anniversary of Chris Plays Guitar fast approaches, I am amazed at how the band has developed. It has been a great pleasure watching all the guys in CPG grow into the musicians they are today. This may well be the best band I've been in, except for all the others of coarse;-)

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