Thursday, February 02, 2006

November Elections, Decided Today

Today the House Republicans vote for a new Majority Leader. There are two choices; current Majority Whip and DeLay acolyte Roy Blunt of Missouri, or either Ohio's John Boehner or Arizona's John Shadegg, both of whom have not been enticed by the delicious taste of congressional pork. If the Republicans vote for either of the latter, AND show REAL progress in gutting pork barrel projects, they will be OK come election day. If the vote goes to Blunt, well, you will probably see the Dems gain a number of seats in the House as many conservatives will just stay home in protest of the Mega-Government policies that have ticked off the base. Here is more from the Wall Street Journal.

Hat Tip: InstaP.

UPDATE: Looks like Boehner's in. Now GET BUSY and clean up your act, or else say bye to your Majority status.

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