Thursday, April 06, 2006

Observations On... The Buzzcut!!!

My comment concerning this topic at Althouse.

A few disadvantages to the buzz / smoothie cut:

1) They will expose the huge cavernous dents in your head.

2) If you play heavy metal guitar, you no longer have the long hair to swirl around whilst on stage. And the lack of hair draws even more attention to the hideous spandex!

3) Don't do a fresh smoothie in the middle of summer and then go jet skiing all day. Trust me. It's painful!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh No You Did Not Just Use the Word "Whilst."

Okay, its a great word.

Anyway, I just went back to a kind of George Clooney circa 1997 buzz caesar cut....I like it. Its fun, and so easy to take care of. However, I can no longer run my fingers through my long, wavy locks whilst teaching method acting....I now look like Jack McFarland with a goatee. Or closeted Sean Hayes (or at that time, out of the closet SEAN P. HAYES) in BILLY'S HOLLYWOOD SCREEN KISS. You know, back before the nose job....and the closet.

sonicfrog said...

He had a nose job???? Man, I'm so out of the loop!

PS. I've never had reason to leave comments on my own blog before. It feels kinda cool.

Citizen Deux said...

My melon does not lend itself well to the skinned look and I lack the rich Mediterranean locks of Scoot to craft into whatever devastating look one desires.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Sean had a nose job. Look at BILLY, then look is practically been chisled off.

We are all talking about hairdos. This is sad.