Saturday, May 20, 2006

Question for Straight Guys.

Why does every straight guy of our generation know who Ron Jeremy is, but probably couldn't name more than two of the female porn stars he "worked" with, if any?

Train wreak of thought courtesy of Chris Althouse, who is courtesy of Ann Althouse.


Citizen Deux said...

Ron Jeremy seemed to have entered the lexicon of the common people almost as a joke. I think he actually starred in one or two B movies.

As for the female stars, I couldn't say. There were the infamous of the 70s and 80s. ALmost everyone knows Traci Lords - post porn. There was a British singer named Samantha Fox who was in the "crossover" realm. As the internet continues to proliferate (read even more exposure to porn culture than you thought possible), I am sure that imbalance of knowledge will be mitigated.

Anonymous said...

Oh please! Jenna Jameson Never Mind. Oh wait, the question was for straight guys.

However: Jeff Stryker. Chris Steele. Jon King (who I knew,actually....called from prison once. Long story.)Matt Ramsey (before he changed his sexuality and became Peter North). Paul Morgan. Paul Baressi...the list goes on. Sigh.

Johnny said...

This straight guy can name a handful of female stars. Though I'm not sure I could name any that did the deed with Ron, I've never actually seen anything with him in it.