Friday, September 16, 2005

Why I Don't Tow The Party Line

When I first started this blog, I though I would write volumes about politics and the like. As I approach the one year anniversary of "Sonicfrog" in January, I am a bit suprized at how little my political views have ended up being expressed here. Maybe politics is boring in between election cycles. Maybe I understand that, due to time restraints, I don't do enough research to properly back up my assertions. I read and listen to a lot of political stuff representing different view points, but that is different from doing real, thorough research. Maybe I realize that other bloggers do it better. Maybe I just have too many other irons in the fire to get too caught up in politics.

Anyway, many of my gay friends (and my little brother) don't understand how I can be gay and replublican-ish (libertarian-ish really). How can I be so blind to the hatred spewed by the "R's"? This post, though not my words or my experience, mirrors my thoughts and feelings on the matter of political affiliation.

I don't know, but I keep asking myself this question about segments of the left: "How can a party who espouses such high ideals concerning civil rights feel that G.W. Bush is pure evil, and yet embrace the likes of Che Guevera and Fidel Castro"?

Hat Tip: North Dallas Thirty.


Anonymous said...
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Corey said...

Amen my libertarian bruthah!