Friday, July 22, 2005

Help Us Name Our Next Album

My band Chris Plays Guitar is busy working on the new album. We are trying to decide on the title and album cover. One suggesttion has been "How to Teach a Pussy to Rock and Roll!". Take the album pictured here, replace the cow with a cat, and give the cat a guitar, and maybe a "Chris" nametag, and there you go. I don't like it.. No, I HATE it. But, hey, the concept is probably too straight for me, or it could be that I have no imagination left as I spent it all in my youth. Ah, the things we give up to grow up. The Web Site the "cowlbum" was lifted from probably won't help, but it sure is fun!!!

PS. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad the seventies ended and are NEVER coming back.

PPS. I know, they'll be back in another 65 years, but I'll be pushing daisies by then, so it's not my concern......

.....and here's one for Cory and Olie and North Dallas Thirty.


Sarah Z said...

I vetoed that album title as soon as I heard it. I thought I had convinced Pat that it was stupid. Anyway I wouldn't buy it.

sleepybomb said...

leave the head, change the name of the band to 'cow plays guitar', then you solve the album title dilema.
or just call the thing 'music to moove ya', but i wouldn't buy that either.
(how about 'atom heart's udder', ouch!)
i think that is enuff for now . . .