Thursday, July 07, 2005

One Other Thing

No, make that two!

A. For those who espouse the idea that the Afghanistan invasion was justified but the Iraq invasion was not, and is what lead to the bombings in London today, do you really think that kicking the Taliban out of Afghanistan would not be reason enough for the attacks?

B. Don't call the insurgents in Iraq "Freedom Fighters". That term is reserved for people who are fight for the cause of freedom, not only from foreign occupying forces, but also from repressive forces from with-in. "Freedom Fighters" fight for the rights of the individual along with the rights of the country. The terrorists in Iraq only want either a return to the murderous ways of Saddam, when they had power, or a new repressive Taliban type government, where church and state are one. Neither of these can be allowed to happen, no matter the cost.

PS. Why some libs are so against a church + state government here, but tolerate it there I will never understand.

Sorry. I needed to vent.

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Sarah Z said...

Just a little thought - One of the core beliefs of Islam is the unity of church and state. Makes American Democracy not really workable for the Muslim people.