Friday, December 29, 2006

Ewdards For Prez - Round Two.

I still think the Democratic primary nomination is Gore's, if he decides to have another crack at it. What I think is interesting about John Edwards digging his way into the race is not the man himself, but the mindset of people who are latching on to his candidacy and functioning as his campaign cheerleaders. I drive around a lot which affords me the luxury of channel surfing the radio. I sometimes listen to Air America to get a glimpse of the left perspective. The far left contingent, Randi Rhoads, Rachiel Maddows (*sp*) are enamored with him, and have been talking up his candidacy for months. What I don't get is why, to them, Edwards is so much better a candidate than Obama Barrack. Lets compare.

Edwards is young-ish, but Obama is the genuine article as far as youth goes. They are both one-term senators, but unlike Edwards, who wasn't polling well in his district and didn't seek a second term, and lost big in his party's presidential primaries, Obama is a politician on the rise who seems poised to be a multi-term senator if he chooses. Though his national political career is short, Edwards, through his attachment to Kerry, already comes off as part of the establishment, while Obama is indeed a fresh face. They both hold law degrees, but, unlike Edwards, Obama doesn't champion himself as a lawyer. I know that at least 2/3 of the ex-Presidents had been lawyers, but few of them, to the best of my knowledge, had used their lawyer status as a selling point. (Jeffeson came to hate the practice during his career as one). You know the old saying - everyone hates lawyers... until they need one! My question is this: How is Edwards going to make the case that we need one as President?

PS. Though it has much lower ratings, and they often come off as complete loons, I find Pacifica Radio broadcasts to be much more interesting and compelling radio fare than most of the Air Americas lineup, which comes across as nothing but bitter partisans who copy and employ the worst techniques commonly used by Rush to envoke emotional responses.

PPS. At first glance I thought the shirt read "Edwards is God" and immediately I wondered if Eric Clapton would sue.

Pseudo Hat Tip: Althouse, who lately seems to be taking up quite a bit of my time.


aaron said...

Ehh. I don't like the idea of a congressman as President. I think one of the main roles of presidents is to be a check on the legislative.

Possible exceptions are persons who've been distanced from congress for some time, such as the role of vice president.

I don't follow Fred Thompson, and others say his being retired from congress meets my qualification of being distanced from congress, but I don't think so. From what I've gleaned, I like what he says, but he reminds me of our Kwame Kilpatrick. He has the talk and some good ideas, but don't expect any results. That said, he might make a great vice president.

Obama hasn't been in congress for too long, but I still think he's tainted.

Edwards, don't trust him at all. I think he'd turn the presidency into an uber-senate-seat.

Candle said...