Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Samuel Alito is a racist bigot for being a member of CAP, which published a magazine containing a satirical essay that Teddy mistakes as serious...

...does that mean that all subscribers to the LA Times are ungrateful, anti-military, pacifist, elitist, isolated, hypointellectuals who knows nothing of the world in which he lives???

I'm just asking.

My blog friend at Miserable Donuts has thoughts.

PS. I do thank Joel for his honesty.

PPS. Notice I didn't rag on him for being rich??? I want to be rich!


Anonymous said...

Sonic, you are a musician who wants to be a teacher. I am an actor who is a teacher. Sadly, we will never be rich, except in our souls and our circle of friends....sigh.

Love the logic of the post, though.

Citizen Deux said...

Sonic, I do feel rich every day. I've got great friends, a rockin' blog (okay I made that part up) and live as I please.

But a few hundred thousand benjamins wouldn't be unwelcome!