Friday, January 27, 2006

Maybe 15 Minutes Is A Tad Too Long.

My friend Bryan Zera, on Marguerite Perrin. Check his rewrite of this M. P. Website quote:

"By ignoring all rules of caution and conformity, Marguerite has been able to find a place in the hearts of her viewers through her fabulously unique personality, unyielding faith and astonishing pride. When she boards a plane and courageously leaves behind her home and family to venture into an unfamiliar world, Marguerite... an extraordinary individual, inspires all of us to look beyond tradition and conformity and remain true to ourselves."

Here is his translation:

"By acting like a total spaz, Marguerite has been able to milk her 15 minutes of fame into boatloads of cash by licensing the rights to her freak-out video to Fox. When she boards a plane, weight sensors go off. Maugerite inspires us all to eat an entire buffalo, then yell at the buffalo's next of kin for being Godless heathen."

Funny. Bryan should start a web site interpretation blog.

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Citizen Deux said...

I lived in ignorance until today. Now I am looking for ways to go back...